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The villages florida swingers


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The villages florida swingers

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I,m 7 inches long. Waiting for a girl asap in need of a soft touch been with girls before but not a relationship age range im waiting for is between 25-30 I can The villages florida swingers a change if I see what I like perfer hispanic florid white girls im rican and white just to let you all know.

Looking for a man who doesn;t think a woman his own age is too old for him. You can always learn from another, even if its learning from the experience itself. I would like someone that wants this relationship to someday grow into a marriage and end up blossoming with ren. W4m Looking for a middle aged sane male Brewers fan to join me for the game Friday night. ME: ~ Brown eyes.


Log in No account? Okay, this is going to be a weird question He says it's a whole community full of swingers Apparently it's not all of the residents, but there is a significant group of them.

One website i googled says the call it a "wine club. Gross mental image, but I wouldn't be surprised. I hear all sorts of weird shit goes on up there. And have you ever driven through there? The last time I did was about eight years ago and it was the weirdest, most pre-packaged-creepy community I've ever seen! My family has lived near there for a long time. I do not know about the swingers, but it made national news several years ago that there was a herpes outbreak there.

I even saw Jay Leno make a joke about it. I would not be surprised about a high rate of STD's or swingers. They are a private community and do not want the health dept.

They do have their share of hookers and gigolos. That said, I've been up there many many times and it's not like I've ever been hit on by an older person I'm Oh an I highly doubt if there are swingers it is anywhere near a whole community full of them. The place is huge and takes up large chunks of 3 counties. There can't be that much Viagra in the world I am not a swinger but I find your post offensive. Replace swinger with any other group or subculture of people.

Just because you find something disgusting doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it. Where are the facts to back up that claim? I'm just trying to get more information on a rumor that my husband says is fairly substantiated within his company, through various personal anecdotes. I've heard the same stories but apparently not everyone has heard! My mom's college friend wants to retire to the Villages - I'm not sure what to tell her!

I would have to say this is most definitely a rumor. The Florida Department of Health website lists trends and statistics by county and you can see the exact number of reported cases of various STDs by year. Sumter ranks pretty low compared to many other counties. I looked at the individual links for each STD labeled " by County" on this page http: I think this is where the so-called "rumor" was sprung from: It wasn't STD's in general that was reported, but specifically herpes.

You can't really rely on county statistics because The Villages is part of 3 counties, Lake, Marion, and Sumpter. It's only about a corner of Lake County, not sure how much of Marion County, and a large portion of Sumpter is still undeveloped.

The Lake County Health Dept has known about the herpes stats for years but they are not really allowed in to do any kind of education. I say we dress up as old people and investigate - I'll go start the Mystery Machine! I'm going to have to chime in here on the "offensive" side. You used a lot of adjectives with negative implications in your attempt to "find facts" and that does not make your post sound like you were trying to get to the truth of a rumor, it makes it sound like you were spreading one, whether you intended to or not.

I'll give an example to make this more clear. It was merely a restatement of the rumor and a question to its validity. Spreading gossip disguised as investigation: Editing the post so that the worst of the adjectives are removed doesn't really fix the problem. Now, onto some misconceptions about swingers First of all, non-monogamy in many forms is way more common than people want to admit to, not all of them ethical and many of them hide under the label "monogamy" with the caveat "depends on how you define monogamy".

In certain types of non-monogamous styles, such as swinging, one of the hallmarks of that particular lifestyle is about safety and ethical behaviour. In general, swingers tend to be very well educated about sexual health and are good at discussing and negotiating boundaries for physical and emotional safety. There tends to be extremely well developed communication skills, a high degree of emphasis on honesty and integrity, and a deep-seated concern and respect for ethical treatment of others.

When compared to the general population of the American society, which turns a blind eye to things like Don't Ask, Don't Tell, cheating, mistresses, not discussing sexual history because it's "awkward", not taking regular STD tests because of fear of finding out the results, and a general disapproval of proper sex education, the alt-sex communities seem to be a much safer and much more ethical lifestyle.

Please note that these are general trends, and that exceptions to all trends certainly do occur. For people who pride themselves on safety and ethical behaviour, public expressions of disgust or discomfort because "they're weird" are extremely offensive because it implies that the person disapproves of being honest and treating each other with care, consideration, and dignity.

When public comments such as these are not only allowed to go unchecked, but agreement is publicly voiced, it implies that the society doesn't even recognize that group as worth defending or even worth being neutral towards, that they are not deserving of compassion or care and consideration for their humanity, their feelings, their dignity. If a swinger were to say publicly that a monogamous person is unethical, diseased, disgusting, or "weird", public acceptance of the swinger's comment would not be equal to the public acceptance of the reverse.

For the record, I am not a swinger, nor am I elderly. It is not a lifestyle I am personally comfortable practicing, but I understand that everyone has different needs and wants in relationships and what works for me doesn't necessarily work for others.

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More Public Sex at Florida's Most Debaucherous Retirement Community

Bush, and climate change, one of whose least attractive masks to date was Hurricane Sandy, my husband and I headed south, for good, last autumn. Instead, last November, we bought the house here, if not yet the farm and, in a month, will have been here a year, almost the full four seasons in hell.

During this entire time, I have made not one friend, written not one line of prose, nor awakened one blessed morning without a feeling of sinking dread. If I stay here much longer, I assure you I and they will be living in similar demented fugue states, as I fear the condition of the locals may be contagious. To say that I am a fish out of water here would be the height depth?

To begin with, the place is huge this year, the Census Bureau named it the fastest-growing US metropolitan area for the second year in a row and The Villagers are old.

Seriously, you can hear a pin drop at 10 p. When things really start cooking around here—upon the return south of the so-called Snowbirds, Villagers here only for the winter—empty liquor mini-bottles litter the green verges, where roughly 50 golf courses break the monotony of the same-same architecture: Then, there are the dogs.

The tiny little yapping dogs. Because, of course, there are no children, no young people here; no one but old, old couples at The Villages. White because, I assume, everyone else at The Villages is white.

Over 80 percent of the residents are lily-white Caucasians of Northern European descent, right out of the snow-belts of the Northeast and Midwest. And over 80 percent of them are married the long lonely walk, hand in hand, to the grave or, in the case of most folks here, the crematorium: Where are the black people, I ask?

Where are the Asians ah: But where, too, are the threesomes, the fivesomes, the unruly family units not composed of two old married people plus dogs? Not here, I can tell you. Here, marriage is between one old man and one old woman, and they are white, and each deviates not one iota from the determined-by-sex roles laid down in the s and early s.

If these people experienced the late 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, not to speak of the 21 st century, I see no evidence of it. All the folks depicted are as white as earlys Coppertone ad bottoms. Not in true adulthood. The crowd here is decidedly anti-intellectual, and their finest moments occurred in late adolescence. In a real way, they never moved on from adolescence, and have congregated together here so they can pretend they are still 18, 19, Need I add that these people are also: I was wearing a nice dress and heels; Dean was in dress shorts and Italian loafers.

We looked like a couple of aliens from Planet Grown-up. And did I mention the veterans? I said, only half-jokingly, to Dean: For many, many of the male residents here, war against others , and being part and parcel of rigidly defined male hierarchies, comprised the high point of their lives. And we have quite a few who seem, as well, still to be fighting the Civil War. We, ourselves, inherited a lighted-at-night-and-huge Old Glory on a flagpole in our own yard: I have a big, big thing against flags.

The omnipresence of American flags, here, there and everywhere at The Villages, smacks of underlying fascism. It is, as well, a place where euphemisms abound and reality is thin on the ground. There is no trash.

There is no crime. And, breaking the silence beyond the squares, lots and lots of sirens scream, as ambulances ferry stricken octo- and nonagenarians to emergency rooms entirely not up to the numbers of incoming stroke and heart attack victims. Our local ER is soon to be a three-story building: The Villages is a fake city hatched in the head of one very greedy man with a little help from early business associates , designed to make him and his heirs some real money, and oh, oh, has it ever done that.

But it takes a true, organically-grown village. After writing this essay, I at last read Leisureville: In his 30s when he wrote the book—and he covers several other American geritopias as well—his reactions are, hook, line, and sinker, my reactions.

The Huffington Post, for which I also write, turned down this essay of mine—not happy and shiny enough for their blog. Mural photos were taken by the author; the photo of the Segue Riders Club derives from http: It sounds like a nightmare! Dear Elizabeth…… So sorry, I saw all of this on my first visit there and ran for my life…….

Why not use your talent and write an Erma Bombeck book….. I laughed so hard, I cried, and released a few other vitals, while reading your article.. It would definitely be a best seller and allow all of us to laugh at our selves, and your neighbors…It could also contain erotic scenes, the Kama Sutras, for old white folk!

We escaped from Florida many years ago. Did you not check it out first before making such an important move? It was the right thing to do for about a year and a half. But the move also comprised a failure of imagination on our part—pretending that there would be some sort of life for us here. We left one ghetto for another…. I will not make the same mistake thrice!

I am so sorry for you, you brought these dead to life with your vivid, sad prose, and I shudder to think of you there. Could be worse, Alex. The Chapmans have also issued a list of rules for guests to their infamous swinging parties to abide by. Have respect for other people and property as we would like to maintain our very high standards of cleanliness. Please only use designated smoking areas and please use the ashtrays provided, not the floor or decking.

Treat everyone with respect and remember to enjoy and not annoy. Please do not voice your opinions on other people. Everyone is there to enjoy. No sex in the jacuzzis. They are a place to relax and the rooms are for playing.

If you are caught you will be asked to leave. Although the house and grounds are secluded, noise travels great distances, so please remember this when leaving the venue. Always ask before joining in with others. Do not assume they will say yes and they will respect you for your patience. Getty Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters.

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Jan 19,  · Two couples decided to spend the weekend at The Villages doing the Lifestyle visit. When they get there, one guy suggests they do as Villagers do and indulge in partner-swapping as a trial. The Villages Florida swingers clubs and directories for local The Villages FL swingers, swinging couples,wife swapping plus The Villages swinger personals ads and everything else in the local The Villages swingers lifestyle. Best swingers bars in The Villages, FL Showing of 3 $ Inexpensive $$ The Villages, FL Phone number () they were still part of AANR. The vibe now is the feeling of a bunch of aging swingers. Nothing read more. Page 1 of 1 Mo' Map. Redo search when map moved Redo Search in .